<aside> 💡 SRMUN will be using a digital platform available here to manage and view a committee’s work, track working papers and draft resolutions, maintain the speakers list, and post announcements. This is a one-stop-shop for Faculty Advisors, Delegates, and other Observers to see how a committee is running. Directors and Assistant Directors are responsible for keeping this platform updated so conference attendees are aware of the committee’s progress.


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How to use the SRMUN Hub 📖

NOTE: You do NOT need to sign in or create an account if you are a Faculty Advisor, Delegate, or Observer.


How to view Committees

Working Papers

How to view Working Papers


How to view Resolutions


How to view Delegations

Draft Resolutions

How to view Draft Resolutions

Virtual SRMUN FAQs❓

Do you have any other questions about our virtual conference? Make sure you access this page to view video tutorials that will prepare you for conference along with other necessary materials, documents, and forms that you may use during committee.

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